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Download:,3.1,21.11.2011, — At a time when hundreds of Canadian pilots, both military and commercial, are expected to return home from fighting abroad in the coming months, the Department of National Defence is trying to keep tabs on their next of kin. A new database, called Next of Kin Notify, is set to go online this week and would allow military families to check a central database of contacts, to find out if their loved ones were wounded or killed in action. But on the eve of the much-anticipated launch, the database’s security is being questioned, as it is so easy to steal and easily hacked. The website, “Next of Kin Notify”, launched on Tuesday is designed to provide families of military personnel with contact information of individuals who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 15 years or more. Once they have entered their family’s information, military families will be able to check a database of more than 10,000 people. “Next of kin notification is a voluntary process that allows you to request notification information about an individual you have in your family,” Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said in a statement. “If the person you are requesting notifies their family, the first stage of the process is complete.” Sajjan said the database will be open to members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families and that they can also be added if they have been killed or wounded overseas, but not as an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces. The database is expected to become public once it is accepted into the service. The database was tested and updated on Tuesday and officials say it is ready for use. “We’ve tested it, and it works — it was tested last night,” said Chris Martin, a National Defence spokesman. “It’s ready for deployment.” While the database will be available for families, Martin said there are security concerns. “With any information that gets sent into the database, there is a risk, and it’s a challenge.” Martin said the database will be subject to daily security tests, but is not meant to be used by hackers. The department has also put in place a




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